Canadian National Playwriting Competition

Past Winners 1989 – 2009

The Canadian National Playwriting Competition & New Play Festival.

Since 1989, Theatre BC had sponsored the Canadian National Playwriting Competition and its subsequent New Play Festival. The competition attracted between 100-200 entries each year and was open to Canadian-resident playwrights for non-produced, unpublished stage plays. These competitions; The Canadian National Playwriting Competition and New Play Festival; were discontinued in 2010, mainly due to funding cuts. The current Board of Directors has recommended that the Playwriting Competition be resurrected but the focus shifted to a BC Playwriting Competition.

Publishing rights and copyright by the Author. Playwright contact information is available through the Theatre BC Head Office and Reading Copies are available through the Theatre BC Script Library.

Year Playwright Play Title Category Type
1989 Clem Martini Life History of the African Elephant One Act Winner Comedy
1989 Gordon J. Portman Grace Special Merit Winner Drama
1990 Vivienne Laxdal Karla and Grif Full Length Winner Drama
1990 Daniel David Moses The Dreaming Beauty One Act Winner Drama
1991 Matthew Decter Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman Full Length Winner Drama
1991 Peter Duschenes Lost River One Act Winner Drama
1991 Maureen Robinson Rye and Shine Special Merit Winner Drama
1992 Greg Nelson Castrato Full Length Winner Drama
1992 David Michael Kwan The Day of the Phoenix Special Merit Winner Fantasy
1993 Donald Molnar Sara’s Cave Full Length Winner Drama
1993 A. Colin Wright Lieutenant Kizhe Special Merit Winner Farce
1994 Paul McLaughlin Jacques Plante & the Parkdale Knitting League One Act Winner Comedy
1994 Ted Sullivan Wolf Howl Special Merit Winner Drama
1995 Simon Johnston Running Dog, Paper Tiger Full Length Winner Drama
1995 Amber Lee Kolson Snow Angel One Act Winner Drama
1995 Laura McGhee Joyride Special Merit Winner Drama
1996 Michael MacLennan Grace Full Length Winner Drama
1996 Keith Provost The Exhumation of Ginger Cat Special Merit Winner Drama
1997 Michael Hentges Life Through a Cracked Windshield Special Merit Winner Drama
1998 Lindsay Price Eat The Beast Full Length Winner Drama
1998 Maryjane Cruise Looking for Kitty One Act Winner – TIE Comedy
1998 Scott Sharplin Touch One Act Winner – TIE Drama
1998 Natalie D. Meisner Life and a Lover Special Merit Winner Drama
1999 Jamie Norris November Full Length Winner Drama
1999 Blinn & Kemeny Two Words One Act Winner Drama
1999 Lucas Foss Little Voices Special Merit Winner Monologue
2000 Diane Martin This Above All Full Length Winner Drama
2000 Meah Martin Brown Wasp One Act Winner Monologue
2000 Sally Stubbs She’ll To The Wars Special Merit Winner Drama
2001 Carl C. Cashin Mail-Order Annie Full Length Winner Drama
2001 Paul McLaughlin Whole-In-One One Act Winner Comedy
2002 Gordon J. Portman Fury Full Length Winner Drama
2002 Corrina Hodgson Catherine’s Pillow One Act Winner Drama
2002 Catherine Banks Bone Cage Special Merit Winner Drama
2003 Sara O’Leary The Kitchen Sink Trauma Drama Full Length Winner Comedy
2003 Ann Snead Choices One Act Winner Comedy
2003 Jayson McDonald Eclipse County Limits Special Merit Winner Drama
2004 Darrell Racine & Dale Lakevold Stretching Hide Full Length Winner Drama
2004 Marcus Hondro Jonathan & Judith One Act Winner Comedy
2004 David James Brock The Perfect Hands of the Irresistible Ed Special Merit Winner Comedy
2005 Patti Flather Where the River Meets the Sea Full Length Winner Drama
2005 James McAndrew Catch One Act Winner Drama
2005 Andy Garland A Year Off Special Merit Winner Drama
2006 Leo Orenstein Homeless Hannah Full Length Winner Drama
2006 Ron Fromstein The Big Smoke One Act Winner Monologue
2006 Samantha Wright The Fetch Special Merit Winner Drama
2007 Janet Rothman & Howie Siegle Before Play Full Length Winner Drama
2007 M.L. Poirier Perriott and Mr. Grump One Act Winner Comedy
2007 Ron Fromstien Black & Blue Special Merit Winner Monologue
2008 Jeff Pitcher The Death of Sir Arthur Currie Full Length Winner Drama
2008 Joel Janisse The Big Polka Dot One Act Winner Drama
2009 Ed Kuhn Tamarack Full Length Winner Drama
2009 Ron Fromstein Diane and Me One Act Winner Monologue
2009 Jessica Anderson My Purple Wig Special Merit Winner Comedy