Mainstage “Wild Card” Performance Application

Theatre BC will feature one Wild Card performance at Mainstage 2019. The Wild Card performance will be on Friday, July 12 at the ADSS Performing Arts Theatre in Port Alberni, and the club drawn must be able to attend and perform on that date, and attend the following morning’s Coffee Critique with adjudicator Dean Paul Gibson.

The successful performing club will be chosen at random from entries being received now by e-mail to [email protected]. Please include in your application e-mail:

  • Club Name
  • Zone
  • Play Title and Writer
  • Contact Person (Name & E-mail)

Qualifying clubs must have performed in a Zone Drama Festival or have been seen by the Travelling Adjudicator. Applicants which have been awarded “Best Play” in their Festival or by the Travelling Adjudicator will be removed from contention in the random draw.

Wild Card entry applications are completely confidential and will not be shared with your Zone Festival adjudicator, so there will be no impact on potential awards in your Zone Festival.

As soon as all Festivals have ended, the random selection will take place, and the successful Club will be informed of their selection.

Clubs are also welcome to enter their productions into our two Workshop Play slots, which will also be chosen by random draw. Workshop Play application details here.

Good luck!

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