Workshop: Lighting on a Shoestring

Theatre Lighting on a Shoestring (or No String)

3 Hours: Tuesday, July 3, 9:00 – 12:00 pm, $40.00
Powerhouse Theatre, 2901 35th Avenue, Vernon, BC. 250-542-6194

Bilbo Baggins pretty much summed up what it’s like to struggle with a lighting design for a small theatre that has a tiny inventory of mismatched fixtures. But effective lighting designs can be achieved by being solidly grounded in fundamentals and creativity and knowing your inventory’s characteristics intimately. For theatres with limited inventories, the fundamentals become critical and creativity is needed in spades to contend with theatres with larger inventories. This 3-hour workshop will focus on achieving lighting techniques and designs that can compete at professional levels with less than professional inventories.

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Rusty Gahr, Instructor

A seasoned stagehand once told Rusty, “Technical theatre is like a blood disease; once you catch it you’re stuck with it for life!” Rusty is no exception to the rule. He started working in the technical side of theatre back in 1993 on everything from Broadway theatre productions to full-blown rock concerts. 20+ years later, as a professional photon-herder, he is still climbing around focussing lights, schlepping tons of equipment around venues and staying up WAY past his bedtime on show nights—often because he was “voluntold” by his lovely wife Tanya Laing Gahr.

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