In Memory: Sharon Lynch

It is with heavy hearts that after a brief and unexpected illness, Terrace Little Theatre says goodbye to Sharon Lynch, who left this world and our theatre community September 9th, 2018, with her husband Jim by her side.

Sharon Diane Lynch (nee Cone) was born in 1941 in Rosetown, Saskatchewan. After she married Jim Lynch they moved to Terrace to raise their four children. She joined the Terrace Little Theatre in the 1960s. There was no looking back, because from that time forward Sharon was involved in almost every TLT production in one way or another.

A talented actress, Sharon beguiled audiences in innumerable productions including “Bus Stop”, “A Streetcar Named Desire” (Best Supporting Actress at Mainstage), “Father of the Bride”, “Waiting for the Parade”, “Harvey”, “The Watering Place” (Best Actress SKZ), “Ravenscroft”, “Vigil” (Best Supporting Actress SKZ and HM Mainstage), “Murder is a Game” and “Maggie’s Getting Married”.

Sharon loved to act, but she also had a keen eye for design. From the tiniest makeup detail to the broad strokes of colour scheme or set design, Sharon had something to contribute. Not just in words. At times she was found crawling around the concrete auditorium floor, painting it to look like a vintage attic, decorating a glossily lacquered rickshaw, or repainting the TLT resident fixture – a wingback chair – to look like weathered leather. Her opinions on costume were not for the faint of heart,  and it paid to listen because her eye knew what was needed. Her backstage quick-change costume lessons were legendary, if not a bit frightening to the uncooperative actor. Should TLT be in need of a piece of furniture, all you had to do was ring up Sharon and explain the problem. Usually this resulted in Sharon arriving at the McColl Playhouse, single-handedly staggering towards the building, hauling various pieces of furniture apparently lurking in her home to the auditorium.

In later years Sharon became a constant, supporting actors who needed to learn lines, and as Mother Lynch, then renamed Mumsie, in the dressing room calming nerves, fixing eyeliner, and supplying lemon drops, individual carefully labeled makeup packets, tissues and wet ones. And yes, sometimes The Wrath of Sharon reared up; never pretty at the time, always forgiven and funny afterwards.

Sharon was intensely loyal to the Skeena Zone and Theatre BC, tirelessly promoting the value of being part of the incredible kinship between Clubs, Zones and the provincial office. She served on the TLT Board, and as Club Rep and Zone Chair. She received Skeena Zone’s coveted Tom Rooney Award in 1999 for her service to the Skeena Zone.  In 2008 she received the prestigious Theatre BC Eric Hamber Award for her contributions to the theatre community.

When we lose one of our greats, the hole in our hearts is big. Filling Sharon’s  (stylish) boots is not possible. But we can learn from her example of commitment, loyalty and utter love for community theatre.

So long, Sharon Lynch. Give notes at the Pearly Gates; we know you want to. Fly with the angels. Look after the TLT.

~ Submitted by Terrace Little Theatre

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