In Memory: Learey, Dennis Eric

D.LearyDennis Eric Learey, at the age of 90, peacefully passed away in his sleep in the early morning of May 16, 2015. Dennis was born in London, England and at the age of 16 joined the Royal Air Force and served in Europe.

During WWII Dennis and Gwen’s families became close and right after the war in 1948 they were married. For their honeymoon they moved to Canada and settled in Vernon, BC. Dennis was devoted to his wife and together had a family of two sons Stephen and Eric.

Dennis and Gwen together became some of the founding members of the Vernon Little Theatre which later became known as the Powerhouse Theatre. At that time, Dennis did work at several jobs, including many years at Okanagan Electric, but his true passion was acting. Over the years he performed in over 60 plays and took on a wide range of roles from comedy to Shakespeare.

He won numerous awards for his acting, with the crowning achievement being when he was voted the Best Actor in Canada, in 1969 at the Dominion Drama Festival.

Dennis will always be lovingly remembered by his family—Stephen Learey and Shelly with their children Parker and Connor; and Matthew (Eric) Learey with Kristine and their children Denthew, Meta, Gwendolin, Eritin and Timeran.

For memorial donations and flowers Dennis wishes you to please donate to the Powerhouse Theatre.

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