2016 NIZ Festival Results

Adjudicated by: Kathryn Shaw
Results Of The NIZ Festival Awards – Held At the Maritime Heritage Centre, Campbell River, on Saturday, May 21, 2016

Best Production
– Love Song (Nanaimo Theatre Group)
– Runners Up: A Doll’s House (ECHO Players); The Tempest (Courtenay Little Theatre)

Best Director

– Sherri McLean (Love Song, Nanaimo Theatre Group)

-Runners Up: Robinson Wilson (The Tempest, Courtenay Little Theatre); Sue Marguly (A Doll’s House, ECHO Players)

Best Male Lead Actor
– James Dean, as Bean in Love Song (Nanaimo Theatre Group)

Best Female Lead Actor
– Jennifer Kelly, as Nora in A Doll’s House (ECHO Players)

-Honorable Mention: Denise Comeau-Darnell, as Maggie in Big Maggie (Rivercity Players)

Best Male Supporting Actor
– Steve Hill, as Torvald Helmer in A Doll’s House (Echo Players)

Best Female Supporting Actor
– Cydney Pedersen, as Molly in Love Song (Nanaimo Theatre Group)

-Honorable Mention: Kerry Campbell as Kristine in A Doll’s House (Echo Players)

Best Set Design
– Jay Crowder, The Tempest (Courtenay Little Theatre)

-Honorable Mentions: Margaret Keane and the construction crew for Big Maggie (Rivercity Players), Roger Lappin for Love Song (Nanaimo Theatre Group)

Best Costume Design
– Molly Hilliar, The Tempest (Courtenay Little Theatre)

-Honorable Mentions: Teresa Coates, Gail Limber and Sharon Pridman, Speakeasy (Theatre Works); Celia Wesselmen, A Doll’s House (ECHO Players)

Best Lighting Design
– Robinson Wilson, The Tempest (Courtenay Little Theatre)

Best Sound Design
– Dustin McLean & Matt McLean, Love Song (Nanaimo Theatre Group)

Best Ensemble Acting
– Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me, Portal Players Dramatic Society

-Honorable Mentions: Big Maggie (Rivercity Players); Speakeasy (Theatre Works)

Best Backstage Coordination

Awards of Merit

Outstanding Community Play: Speakeasy (Kymme Patrick and Theatre Works)

Outstanding Set Decoration and Props: Michelle Hume and crew, Big Maggie (Rivercity Players)

Outstanding Special Properties: Marianne Harris, The Tempest (Courtenay Little Theatre)

Outstanding Puppets / Prostesis Design: Joe Julian, The Tempest (Courtenay Little Theatre)

Outstanding Youth Performance: Aiden Martin as Caliban, The Tempest (Courtenay Little Theatre)


The Donna Lamb Award For Outstanding Theatre Contributions in the North Island Zone
– Rivercity Players (Campbell River)